Italian Linen and Fabrics


At Italian Home and Kitchen (425-496-8676) in Bellevue we carry two styles of linens all in natural fabrics such as  100% cotton, 100% linen and a 50/50 blend of the two.

Our Jacquard lines are by small family run businesses in Tuscany and Abruzzo. The Jacquard weave requires different color threads to create  the patterns. We offer a  very extensive collection of kitchen towel patterns: from roosters, horses, bees, deer, squirrels, cats and dogs to  sunflowers, wheat, olives, grapes and special themes such as Italian Vegetables, Chocolate, Coffee and Chianti wine. The Jacquard tablecloths we offer are classic designs and colors well suited for all occasion from the formal to the every day.
Our hand stamped linens are created with hand carved woodblocks from an old traditional artisanal craft. the color range starts from the original color rust, blue, green , burgundy  and several more . The pattern in the single color items are farm related themes such as grapes, chickens, flowers, wheat , while in  the multicolor designs you’ll find a multitude of flowers such as lavender, sunflowers, violets, poppies ferns and fruits like cherries, strawberries, pomegranates, lemons and olives.


Our linen makers are small family businesses who produce unique products that are typically not found outside of their own region.  They both use the best cotton and linen threads to make fabrics that will last for years and years.  The fabrics are done on traditional looms with natural vegetable and mineral dyes.  This is important when you compare our product to most fabrics which are made on high speed factory looms with chemical dyes. Fabrics on high speed looms need to be highly combed and processed which makes them less durable and in the case of dish towels less absorbent.  Chemical dyes are vastly inferior to vegetable dyes, which become obvious when you compare them after one or two washes.  In the case, of our Bertozzi linens, the woodblock prints are set on the fabric at extremely high temperatures which makes them the most permanent dyes you will ever find.  Again, when you consider the work it takes to carve by hand a woodblock, then meticulously apply dozens of stamps in the case of a table cloth, you can imagine the makers only want to use the best dyes and the best fabrics!

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