Terracotta Cookware and other Kitchen Items


Our terracotta cookware is made in a small town near Siena with their local clay.  Vulcania has been a family business for 100 years. Their pots are part of Italy’s culinary heritage, a staple in all kitchens for generations. Versatility is one of the great features of this product. You’ll get fantastic results cooking either on stove top or in the oven.  The ideal recipes to prepare with our Vulcania pots are soups, stews, sauces, and all low simmer type of dishes.  For these, we recommend the use of the “Marmitte” the tall soup pots, or the “Umidiere” the rounded sided stew pots.  For other recipes that require roasting, we suggest the “tegami” or the “casseruole”, the casseroles.
The color are simply gorgeous, fire red ,dark chocolate brown, sunflower yellow , deep olive green all with the stunning bright Tuscan terracotta orange in the inside. The size will suit all needs from the single size cooking to…feeding an army.  Great for entertaining as well as dressing up the family table any day!


Terracotta cookware is a very healthy way of cooking.  Less oil or butter and slow cooking allow the food to preserve structure and nutrients.  A famous San Francisco based chef, Paula Wolfert, has recently published a recipe book exclusively on this very traditional yet modern way of cooking.  Her books are available in most major bookstores.   The main virtue of our Vulcania cookware is their incredible resistance to heat.  The pots are fired at close to 2000 Fahrenheit.  However, sudden temperature differential such as going from a high flame stove to cold water in the sink  are extremely detrimental causing the terracotta to crack because of the so called “temperature shock”.  A few other tips on use of the pots: avoid leaving an empty pot on a high flame or setting the pot while still hot directly on granite, or a similarly cold surface.   In Francesca’s kitchen, there is a Vulcania pot constantly on the stove, whether to make a pasta sauce, a dish of lasagna, a brasato, a pot of soup or a roasted chicken! I grew up with them and they bring with them the strong warm feeling of home cooking.

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